Cursuri de Ikebana

Sogetsu ikebana was found in 1925 and today there are 120 Branches and study groups, in 38 countries and regions. Free from the rigid rules of traditional ikebana, Sogetsu school has developed into a creative art form, more in synch with modern times.

Nicoleta Oprisan is a professional ikebana artist, a certified Sogetsu teacher and member of Ikebana International. She is also a fragrance designer and perfume stylist. She is based in Tokyo.

Nicoleta has created large ikebana displays and installations for various events, concerts, outdoor venues and was in charge with seasonal window displays for Sun Motoyama store in Ginza. Her clients include ANA Hotel Tokyo, Peninsula Hotel Tokyo, Ginza 6, Asprey Japan, to name a few. She has appeared on an NHK program to share her love for ikebana and featured in various newspaper articles, radio shows and online magazines (Mainichi Shinbun, NHK radio, InterFM, YokohamaFM etc). Starting from this year she is featured as an artist representing Japan for the EU-Japan Fest.

The online ikebana course is held once a week from 5 Senses studio in Tokyo and includes live ikebana demonstrations and detailed explanations of ikebana techniques. While using seasonal flowers and materials, a glimpse is given into the beauty of Japanese culture and its blend with traditional art forms.

This is the only ikebana course in Romania offering official Sogetsu certificates after successful completion of each module. These certificates are valid anywhere around the world.