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Posted: 17/03/2021
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🎶 “I think good music is something that heals people and fires up your kindness,” Haruki Murakami said.

📖 Music is an important motive in Murakami's stories. A passionate listener and music collector, he has written many books on the subject ("Absolutely on Music"), adding some fabulous recommendations to each of his works.

✨ Haruki Murakami, now 72, began writing while working in a jazz bar in Tokyo. "Hear the Wind Sing" (Kaze no uta o kike) is the work with which he debuted in 1979. The romantic story of 1987, "Norwegian Wood" (Noruwei no mori) became his first bestseller, which turned him into a young star. The latest collection of short stories (8 stories) "First Person Singular" (Ichininshō Tansū) appeared in Japan last year.

Haruki Murakami Illustration

More details about the jazz evening he organized:
Author Murakami hosts live jam for relaxation amid pandemic - Japan Today
Recommended song:
Eydie Gormie - Blame It On The Bossa Nova - YouTube

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