A samurai-era museum-type village for you to walk through

Posted: 17/03/2021
Category: History

✨ The first mental image many people have when they hear the words “history museum” is of a collection of artifacts inside sealed, climate-controlled glass exhibit booths. But the Fukuyama Kusado Sengen Museum, part of the Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History complex, isn’t like most museums.

🎍 Something that might not be immediately apparent is that Yomigaeru Kusado Sengen is an indoor exhibit, with its layout and some other clever aesthetic techniques giving it the atmosphere of an outdoor space.

🌫 Long ago, the area was called Kusado Sengencho, a port village that flourished during the Muromachi period of Japan’s feudal samurai era. The community’s prosperity peaked in the 14th century, though, and the village became smaller and smaller, eventually becoming buried under sediment of the river it was built along.

⛩ The village has machiya (traditional row houses), a dock, carpenter’s workshop, temple hall, and market, all built in accordance with architectural aspects of the Muromachi period. Some of the interiors are open to visitors as well, and include such classically rustic touches as traditional stoves and irori hearths.

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