Far from the fantasies of Ninja movies, at Raiden Dojo we practice Ninjutsu transmitted by Hatsumi sensei in Japan, where we go annually for improvement. Technically, there are no limitations – Ninjutsu is complete and complex including a wide variety of classic weapons (lance, spear, sword, cane), up to improvised and hidden ones (chain, string, shuriken, etc.) as well as melee combat at any distance (blows, articulation techniques, soil). Surprising is another use of the body, different from modern sport – without reinforcement, flow, use of the spine, abdominal breathing and this can make Ninjutsu an art that can improve life and health every day.

” The essence of all martial arts lies in self-defense and avoidance of danger. The Ninja Way means to withstand, survive and prevent anything that might destroy us. Beyond the blows and cuts, the simple destruction of the enemy, Ninjutsu is the way to gain what will make the world a better place. The Ninja Spirit is “to survive and defeat” – Takamatsu sensei, the 33rd successor of Togakure Ryu Ninpo.