Posted: 20/08/2020
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O-Tsuya, the only daughter of the shop owner Suruga-ya, flees on a winter night with the apprentice Shinsuke. Seiji is the one helping them, a recreational boat owner, a client of O-Tsuya's parents. The road the two have taken has no return: Shinsuke, forgetting the honesty that has always lifted him in the eyes of others, reveals himself as a killer, a passionate lover, a man who gathers lawlessness after lawlessness on the road to destruction. O-Tsuya, on the other hand, a woman who enjoys an uncuffed life, leaves behind her love for her loved one and chooses a path of pleasure, which should have been the one for the pursuit of happiness, but...

"In the impressive building named literature, I would make the walls as dark as possible, i would push back into the shadows things that show their shape too clearly, I would remove the useless background. I don't expect this to be done everywhere, but maybe we deserve at least one place where we can turn off the lights and see what it's like without them.”(Junichiro Tanizaki)

"Tanizaki belongs to a very rare species of writers. He approaches certain experiences in his novels sometimes gentle, sometimes with the brutal precision of a feline." (Kirkus Reviews)

"Tanizaki's fiction is as refreshing and wonderful as a winter morning." (Publishers Weekly)

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