Stories from the Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman

Posted: 25/06/2020
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The stories from the Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, with their carefully dosed mixture of overflowing fantasy and rigorous observation, they manage to capture reality in the smallest details and, at the same time, to undermine it. Murakami is part of that rare species of writers who manage not only to create unusual and fascinating universes, but also to guide their readers in their exploration. (Time Out New York)

Despite their diversity, all the stories in this volume seem to address us in a unique and seductive voice. And this voice, recounting its adventures in the strange and dark territory of the self, tells us that a character named Haruki Murakami is still looking, like Don Quixote, for something less fragile, less ephemeral than the compromises of which our life is made up. (New York Times Book Review)

A collection of stories full of fantasy, charm and audacity, whose slide towards the fantastic is carefully controlled. The atmosphere it creates persists long after the reading is over, and under its influence we see the world in a whole new light. (Chicago Tribune)

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