Posted: 09/09/2020
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 15 years ago, Romania, a country situated at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, was on its road to development. Back then, a large percentage of its imports and exports were related to the European Union.

To Serban Georgescu, who was teaching business and economics and was working for the Department of European Studies at Romanian American University, this was quite a risky situation for the country. At the same time, the international exchanges with Japan and the Far East were meager. Serban realized that this could also be an untapped opportunity.

Serban set a vision and proposed a program that allows future leaders who are exposed to Japanese language, culture, diplomacy, economy, international business and management, to be groomed in Romania. Thus, the birth of the Department of Asian Studies at Romanian-American University (RAU).

Serban Georgescu, Department Head of Asian Studies Department at Romanian-American University

“We started with 30 students. And this was the first center of its kind in Romania with students from IT, international business and international tourism that were studying Japanese language.”

“Back then,” he recalls, “our goal was to groom more specialists that can both specialize in diplomacy, economy, and understanding of the Japanese culture and language.”

Expanding the space and meeting the bigger picture

“Through all these activities, we prepare our students for our main objective, which is of course, to introduce them opportunities for internships and exchanges. Our students range from those who study IT Management, International Tourism or International Business and are also studying the Japanese language,” Serban shares.

“The exposure to Japanese culture and experience is created in this room. But we also expand out of this to give students a broader perspective,” he adds.

You can read more on The Nagaoka Review website.

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