Ninjitsu Courses

Far away from the fantasies of ninja movies, at Raiden Dojo we practice Ninjutsu taught by Hatsumi Sensei from Japan, where we go every year to improve our skills. Technically, there are no limitations – Ninjutsu being a complex art that includes a variety of classic weapons ( spears, swords, lances, rods), some improvised or hidden ( chains, strings, shuriken) but also hand-to-hand combat ( hits or procedures on joints). The different usage of the body, compared to modern sports, is very surprising – no strengthening, flow, use of the spine or breathing in the abdomen, aspects that make Ninjutsu an art that can improve life and health every day.

“ The essence of all martial arts consists in self-defense and avoiding danger. The ninja way means confronting, surviving and preventing anything that could destroy us. Alongside hits, cuts and the destruction of the opponent, Ninjutsu is the way of creating a better world. The Ninja spirit means ‘surviving and defeating’”- Tokumatsu Sensei, the 33rd successor of Togakure Ryu Ninpo