Kendo courses

Kendo translates to “The Way of the Sword”, refined since ancient times by all Japanese warriors and until the 13th century by the samurai, is the martial art of sword-handling. Banned in 1876 because the samurai were no longer allowed to carry swords, Kendo was transformed into a sport by Sakakibara Kenkichi for the physical and mental training of young people.

The Japanese Federation of Kendo was founded in 1928. Until 1955, this sport remained essentially reserved for Japan. In 1955 it was introduced in France and the USA, where the first international meeting was held.

“The practice of Kendo discipline aims to shape the spirit and body, to refine a determined character, to make the effort to advance without suspension in the art of kendo through authentic and meticulous training, to appreciate civility and honor, to associate with others in the spirit of honesty and relentless search of Self-fulfilment.”